Webinar Intelligent Document Processing

Learn how artificial intelligence and natural language processing can automate your document processing workflow, enabling you to focus on generating value.
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The last couple of decades we've gained access to incredible technologies and still we are processing the majority of our documents by hand. These repetitive tasks don't require our full attention and cost enormous amounts of time. These are the ideal tasks for an intelligent and self-learning document processing platform such as Klassif.ai.

In this webinar you will learn how our intelligent document processing platform enables your experts to generate more value by automating repetitive tasks. Our platform combines advanced natural language processing techniques with your domain expertise. The platform learns from your employees as they perform their day to day work in our easy to use interface.


Deevid De Meyer: Deevid is one of the founders of Brainjar, an applied machine learning company. Deevid is a computer scientist, with a deep love for artificial intelligence. He is an evangelist for both novice and more advanced AI amateurs and experts, with a knowledge of both the history, present and future of AI.
Rik Van Camp: Rik is one of the product owners of Klassif.ai. He is an ex-software engineer who, over the years, gradually progressed into business roles. He's well versed in all aspects that come with getting from a rough idea to a successful working software product.

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